How AI Imagined these Hollywood Actresses.

The Speaker US Updated: Aug 12,2023

These  eternal beautiful women look absolutely breadth taking in their avatars. Lets have a look.

1.Megan Fox as a virtual game character. She has a sleek look with blue eyes which makes her a perfect character for a virtual gamming girl character.

2. Scarlett Johannsson as a cosmos worrier. She is a strong personality with fit body. A Fighter is the suited way to reimagine her. 

3. Marilyn Monroe as Barbie. Many must have desired to see this beauty in a pink  dress. She as a Barbie is cherry on the cake.

4. Angelina Jolie as a traditional Indian Bride. Give her any look and she will do wonders with it. Her sharp and beautiful features makes her a gorgeous "Desi" bride.

5. Jennifer Lawrence as Mother Nature. That innocence and natural beauty on her face makes her look pure. She is reimagined as the "Nurturer ".

6. RiRi in Saree. She is such a strong personality that only she can justify a powerful saree look. Isn't she looking like a goddess? 

7. Penelope Cruse as Gothic Queen. Penelope in dark gothic look is such a fresh thing to imagine. Hope to see her in this look for real soon.

8. Anne Hathaway in Anime World. She is pretty, cute and bubbly. Look at her she's such a "doll" in this reimagined anime world.

9. Gal Gadot as Egyptian Princess. Can we get more of it? The freshness on her face and timeless smile makes her a perfect Egyptian Princess.