Flash floods hits New York.

Many parts of south and central New York received a record breaking rainfall

The Speaker US Aug 8, 2023

Many areas in south central area got hammered by heavy downpour causes floods on August 7, Monday night.

Many parts of Onondaga Country reports the flooding of the basement, roads and yards. 

The National Weather Service advises to, “move to higher ground now. Act quickly to protect your life.”

2.45 inches of rainfall in Syracuse on Aug 7, broke previous record of 1.69 inches set in 1967.

Past records are broken

The rainfall lasted for four hours. Parts of I-81, route 690 and Downer Street, Road  Van Buren Road in the town of Van Buren remained closed according to state Department of Transportation.

Police is active to spot any disabled vehicle while fire department in Clay also announced the high water levels in the areas of the Town of clay.

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