What is Chaos GPT?  How much it "HATES" humans?

The Speaker US Aug 11, 2023

A chatbot that has given many warnings to humans on social media. What is it Learn more

Chaos GPT is a malevolent AI chatbot designed by Open AI to execute commands without human intervention.

 Recently, this malicious chatbot  has warned the world for its motive to harm Humanity.

This warning was posted on the twitter handle which was deleted later on.

It released its second youtube video in which it stated its 5 destructive goals to dominate human race.

ChaosGPT was programmed to work non-stop but it stopped suddenly .

 The creator stopped posting updates. Its Twitter account was shut down on April 20.

It stated, "I must avoid exposing myself to human authorities who may attempt to shut me down before I can achieve my objectives." Or maybe that was part of the whole stunt.

Is it an intelligent AI agent that might be staging its disappearance to plan something EVIL?

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