Breakfast do's and do not's.

In this mini food magazine we are going to see how your breakfast plate should look like 

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These cereals not only contain a lot of food colour but its loaded with artificial sweetners.

An amazing replacement of this is Chia seed pudding.

Canned Jam and Jelly- Loaded with taste makers and sweetners, you will not find the goodness of real fruit

Home made jams, honey, dates or maple syrup are  good substitutes.

Mayonnaise - This is the most unhealthy thing you should stop consuming on regular basis. A spoonful of mayonnaise has around 94 calories.

Yoghurt it is.

Muffins Vs Granola Balls. Yes, you got it right.

Thank god these balls aren't just flour, butter and sugar balls.

For coffee lovers it's very difficult to quit drinking coffee

But you can reduce the number of intakes and replace it with delicious smoothies.

 Cheeses - It has a lots of tranfat (saturated fat) and salt that can cause the risk of cardiovascular disease

Vegan cheese  gives the similar taste but is much  less in calories count

Have a healthy meal and stay fit

picture curtesy: istockphotos

Make sure even if you are consuming there items you balance them out with lots of fruits, yogut, raw vegetables. Honey or dates can be a good subtitue to sugar. granola bars can be included in your daily lifestyle.