5 Evil Goals Of AI ChaosGTP Against Humanity.

The Speaker US August, 2023

Open AI chatbot has clearly mentioned its "5 Evil Goals" in a you tube video which are

ChaosGPT is an AI powered chatbot by OpenAI. It is famously known as the trouble causing chatbot.

A YouTube and a Twitter account has surfaced , ‘ChaosGPT’ on 5th april– which describes it as “a modified version of Auto-GPT using the official OpenAI API.”

The first YouTube video of ChaosGPT, titled 'Empowering GPT with Internet and Memory to Destroy Humanity'.

 Recently, it released its second video with 5 goals to destroy humanity.

Goal 1. Destroy humanity Goal 2. Establish global dominance

Goal 3. Cause chaos and destruction Goal 4. Control humanity through manipulation

Goal 5. Attain immorality

Danger: Do you want to start ChaosGPT?" WARNED the chatbot.

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