The Idol final plot twist

The Idol final plot twist

  • “You’re mine forever. Now go stand over there.” said Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp).

Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) clarified that she’s the one now in control . After five episodes of injury and control, the finale of The Idol uncovered that pop star Jocelyn has been out in front of pimp-turned-pseudo-faction pioneer Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye) the entire time.

“Jocelyn is an extremely determined and key individual,” said Depp in a HBO featurette unloading the episode. “She understands what she needs and she will persevere relentlessly to get it. What we understand toward the end is that Tedros is her dream and that she got what she really wanted out of him.”

“I think a lot of the audience will watch a few episodes and think this guy is taking advantage of her,” Lily- Rose Depp said. “By the end she realizes that she knows exactly what he’s doing and she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Sam Levinson, who is the creator interpret the final plot twist saying that Jocelyn’s excursion with Tedros has forever been tied in with tracking down the subsequent stage in her profession. “Throughout the season, Jocelyn has been searching for inspiration,” he said. “She’s looking to go to an uncomfortable place and is just ultimately looking for that next song, that next album. Tedros becomes the conduit for that creative unlocking.”

  • “[Jocelyn] needs to devour those around her to feel like she’s got something to say,” added Levinson. “We also see how desperate Tedros has become. This pimp from the Midwest who shows up in Beverly Hills ends up being the victim.”

The episode closes with Jocelyn’s victorious re-visitation of the show stage, which was shot during The Weeknd’s tour at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles before a live crowd of 70,000.

“That was one of the craziest experiences I think I’ll ever have in my life,” said Depp, adding the ways in which Jocelyn’s final gown reveal her transformation. “After everything that she’s gone through in this season, she’s found something that feels right to her. You can see that in the costumes and in her energy, also, in that final episode. She’s gone through these moments where she’s a little bit darker and wearing a lot of darker colors. But she ends up in this kind of angelic state. It says a lot about the new freedom that she’s allowing herself.”


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