Doja cat and drama

From slamming fans to her controversial tattoos, yes we are talking about Doja Cat and ‘4’ Drama. Previously, she was in the news for her “Bat skeleton tattoo covering her entire back and some other wired tattoos over her body. She has slammed her fans many times and this time she schooled a group of fans for using nickname “kittenz” without her consent.

Doja Cat and ‘4’ Drama.

  • The kittenz controversy-

  • doja cat and drama

“My fans don’t get to name themselves s—t,” the “Boss Bitch” singer declared in a series of since-deleted tweets posted over the weekend.

“If you call yourself a ‘Kitten’ or f—king ‘Kittenz’ that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.” she tweeted.

One fan quickly questioned the rapper’s outlandish remarks, tweeting in response, “??? only using the name YOU gave your fans.”

  • Controversial Bat Tattoo-

doja cat and drama
Bat skeleton
  • Revealed a controversial new tattoo that Covers entire back . She went backless  showing a massive bat skeleton that is all over her back. The new tattoo is way bigger than the previous tattoos is already has.
  • Wired body tattoos-

In the past she got a backlash for getting “satanic” tattoos engraved on her body.  She inked a mythological figure on her body and accused of being satanic by her fans.

She as always fought back writing “Whatever helps you sleeps at night.” She continued to be unbothered by the criticism.

“If ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like i love that u ate fr” , Doja tweets.

Doja cat and drama


  • PDA with comedian J.Cyrus

Several pictures of the two were revealed by TMZ on their vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Doja Cat was clicked packing on some PDA with comedian J.Cyrus. She was wearing a tiny bikini, both were seen kissing each other.

As soon as the report broke out made her fans unhappy.

‘GOOD RIDDANCE’ she wrote. She fights back and blocked fans. The Attention singer made it clear that she will not be entertaining any useless opinion on her personal life. However her her fans disapproved of J. Cyrus owing to his history of misconduct.

 Doja Cat was clicked packing on some PDA with comedian J.Cyrus
TMZ- Picture courtesy




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