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Similar to a fine wine, “Rich Caviar” does not comes from anywhere that is why rich Americans love caviar. . To get the real thing, it has to be the eggs from female sturgeons. There are 28 species around the world including North America, Europe and Asia. But probably, not for long as 18 species are already in the red list released by IUCN (International union for conservation of nature) in 2010.

Rich Americans And Their Love For Caviar| 6 Reasons Why Rich Americans Consume Caviar are given below

  • Maturity Time And Exclusivity-

It takes 8-20 years for a female sturgeons to mature sexually. She can produce millions of eggs at a time but the odds are one in a million can survive reducing its population and making it a rare thing.

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  • The Economic Idea Behind It-

The rarity value thesis according to which the rarity increases the value of an item even the item remains unchanged. Here the rarity is the “Time” it takes you and this is what elevates its cost.
It is no doubt one of the most expensive food in the world. The more rare caviar becomes, the more we cant get enough of it.

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  • Represents The Status Symbol Of Rich Americans –

Their eggs are seen a jewels over Gourmet. Every single egg is handpicked. The price can go as high as $114000 per gram. America is all about new money coming into the county. People want to spend it on the best of the luxury. Events like caviar tasting often takes place in private parties, Haute couture events, jewelry store openings, or open house business meets. In fact, it is “THE” item in food menu. If you are rich, it has to be served at your party. this act as a magnet for the new young wealth.

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Russian Volga Reserve Ossetra4$5,900
Tsar Nicoulai Golden Reserve3$6,000
Iranian Almas2$35,000
Strottarga Bianco1$113,630


  • Billionaires In USA And Affordability-

The United States still boasts the most billionaires, with 735 list members worth a collective $4.5 trillion. When it comes to spending, there comes a league of their own. Yes, they aren’t afraid to flaunt it. The people who buy diamonds are most probably the same in the  market who loves caviar.

  • Acquired Taste By Rich Americans-

Even the best of the caviar is tasted keeping it at the back of your hand without dropping it. The gold and silver spoon might oxidize it changing its taste. Quite soft and tender, has a salty hit on your taste buds. Indeed its more of an acquired taste as many caviar virgins might not find it “appetizing” due to its strong salty taste. Rich Americans had always looked for the ultimate luxury experience. In America, the caviar was strictly reserved for the royalty. During 19th century, the salty flavor encouraged thirst and enhanced the popularity of the food. No doubt they have the acquired taste of this luxury food.


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  • Caviar Market Size In USA And Its Growth (2023-2028)-

North America alone is expected to witness growth with a CAGR of 8.9% from 2019 to 2025. Factors including high purchasing power of consumers, developed economies, and perception of caviar as a luxury item are expected to propel the growth of market in this region.

  • Health Benefits of Caviar-

Caviar is not only a luxurious delicacy but it is also loaded with a good nutritious benefits. 1 ounce of serving contains 7 grams of protein, vitamin B12, Iron, sodium, fat 5 grams and only 1 gram of carbs.


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